Freedom 251: ‘world’s cheapest’ smartphone



Freedom 251

Mohit Goel a Noida based CEO Launched the world’s cheapest smartphone.

Ringing Bells earlier said their Freedom 251 will cost INR 499 ($7 or £5), but at the launch on Wednesday, they reduced cost to just INR 251 ($3.50 or £2.56).

This handset got 8 GB of storage total with a front VGA Camera(0.3 Megapixel) and 3.2 Megapixel on the back.

When it comes to world’s largest mobile market, then India ranks second to it.
Perhaps, the count is more than one billion mobile phone subscribers.
Checkout Features and steps to buy Freedom 251

Freedom 251 is dominated with overwhelmed response by low-cost Handset and great feature too.

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